specialization era must keep the sense of unity

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

 السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته
Hopefully peace, mercy, and Allah’s blessings bestowed upon you.

Doexperter, this time I took up “the specialization and unity” theme.

Formerly, people had to do miscellaneous works to fulfill their needs. They had to produce their foods, they had to make house tools, they had to teach their children about how to live, they had to manage their wastes. They had to do everything they need, all of it!

Then, human became smarter, but not smart enough, they did barter. It needs “double coincidence of wants” to do barter. If they have a goat and need a sack of rice, then what they have to do is find someone who need a goat and have rice. What if they don’t find someone who have rice and need a goat? They won’t eat rice! This condition brings a consequence so that some works would be done by themself – especially things that are difficult to get whereas very needed – and some other would be done by the others.

unityBut, some groups of people had a really big cohesiveness, they made a list of their needs, then they divided tasks to all the members to fulfill the needs. They realized that they must work or did the task which is believed to them in order to make the members survive. So, their concern was about the group needs, not individual needs only. This probably was the first time a specialization appear on the earth. Look, cohesiveness or unity is the cause of the specialization.

But look around now, it’s thousand years after the idea of specialization appear on the earth. We now live on specialization era, we just do a specific work, get money from it, we can buy or pay things, without having a sense of unity anymore. We never think that we must do our work in order to make sure a group will survive. Why we don’t have such a unity sense actually? Yes, we don’t even have such a group! We don’t know each other and we probably haven’t thought why humankind creating the specialization. We forget the word: unity.

Wait, what is so important having a unity sense in specialization era?

Okay, doexperter, who cook your food? Where they get the ingredients? Who produces the ingredients? What about your phone, you made it yourself? We probably think as long as we hold money, we can fulfil our needs. We assume we safe from any lack of things as if people will keep doing their job and we can enjoy the results every time. No! Haven’t you thought many people do something to get money only? Then there is no way to make sure that every occupation in this world has their own enthusiasts. What if someday there is no one gonna take your garbage because it’s a filthy job? People have lost the idea that we have a list of group needs and we gonna divide it so that we can sure everything will be done, not a single need forgotten. Only a unity sense will bring the idea up again, and true, a single need -whichever- must not be left undone. When a unity sense alive in our hearts, it’s not we work or do something to get money only, but also to make sure, everything in “the list” has its doer. It’s not we do something just because we like it or not doing something just because we don’t like it.

Having the unity sense also makes us appreciate other people jobs. Indirectly, they do the job to make us survive or at least to make our life easier.

This idea, coherently, should be kept in every side of life included college activity.

In Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), one of the most popular university in Indonesia, the students do some miscellaneous activity besides study. Some do business, some join committees, some dedicate themself to their college community (we call it “Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan” in Bahasa), some other dedicate themself to their hobby community (we call it “Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa”), some do society development, some other do project. They probably choose the activity that they think best for them and even for Indonesia. But is it really best for them or even Indonesia? We don’t know until we see the result, a tangible result.

ITBI don’t know, have they made the “list of needs” or not. Have they thought what is important to “the group” actually? What is important to their nation? Or they might become a crum, doesn’t contribute anything to the group, doesn’t contribute anything to the nation.

Some students mock the study-geeks which is often called “study-oriented” person behind. I think, what “study-oriented” person do is a right thing when they do it seriously. We have no right to look them down or underestimate them as if they do a little social activity means they don’t contribute. Does it join college community or hobby community really mean they contribute? I doubt it! You can check it. What they (the members of the community) do mostly, as I know, doesn’t give impact to the nation. Just to spend a leisure time huh? It doesn’t mean I refuse the existence of the community. College students really need it. But, what the community asks for the members’ dedication is too exaggerated. If we compare the time we have to spend to the community and the benefit community give to the nation is not very promising.

We shouldn’t underestimate other people’s choice of activity. If a college have some students expert in lecture, some expert in business, some expert in society development, some expert in project, and some other expert in design or writing, wouldn’t it be great? We shouldn’t tolerate a patchy skill. We must have an expert -at least- in every field. We need a demonstration when the right situation come (in a good way, not vandalism). We do need a negotiator to give win-win solution. We need to contribute to the nation by doing society development for instance, but we also may not forget about our lecture. We need to make money, do some businesses, but we also may not forget that we need to organize the whole student activity which is now the duty of ITB students executive board (“Keluarga Mahasiswa ITB”). We do have a lot of needs to fulfill therefore we have to use our human resources effectively. We really must have a “list of needs” in hand, so that what we do is tangibly needed by “the group”. And don’t forget about the sense of unity. We do these together in order to bring a better situation to “the group”.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

Written by: Iqbal ‘Noe’ Novramadani


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