What to do after graduation?

Haha, it may be hard question to answer huh? This often questioned to the senior or final year student. Some may answer “I’m gonna do this, this, and this”, but mostly as I know it would answer “I don’t know, let’s see!” I don’t really understand why people answer the question like that.



If someone ask me such, I will answer “I don’t know” as well. But it’s not because I don’t know what to do at all. It’s because I have so many things that I wanna do and I’m confused what to do first.

Several ideas that I have already had in mind are:

  1. start my own business and build family corporation,
  2. master several languages (english-arabic particularly at first),
  3. master survival skill (included how to give first aid),
  4. build madani school,
  5. study on history of prosperous kingdom/nation/country,
  6. study hadith and other Islamic sciences,
  7. marry the dream woman,
  8. go hajj with parents (and spouse if already married),
  9. guide the satellite development community in ITB (ITB-Sat) that has vision to launch own made satellite by 2019,
  10. build Madani Research Group (MRG) and do tremendous research,
  11. invent flying car with magnetic propulsion,
  12. make some websites and apps that have come in mind,
  13. write books about several topics,
  14. build a library with new system that you may have never seen before,
  15. continue study in engineering,
  16. take graduate study in business/management or in organizational leadership,
  17. visit Mecca, Madina, and Bait Al Maqdis (Palestine),
  18. live in a country that use english as the mother language (actually between USA, UK, or Australia)
  19. start to go around the world,
  20. have media company such as TV, Radio, Book, Magazine, and Newspaper (I have just got this idea in determination today).

Well it’s all of course going toward my lifetime wish: build madani society. Now I need your help, which one should be done first? :)
And hey, I got a video to watch.


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