What language should be used to communicate in Madani society?

Madanian (inhabitants of Madani country) should master at least two languages: Arabic and English.

As a muslim society, Madanian should master Arabic hence they can understand the teaching of Islam from Quran and Hadith directly. Centuries before, Arabic used as a formal language when the Islamic caliphate ruled one third of the world and now many of Muslim countries using Arabic as the formal language. To connect Madanian with the Muslim world, mastering Arabic is a must.

On the other hand, as part of international world, Madanian should also be able to communicate using international language which is English. This is something that we can not bargain as well. And by having citizens that are able to communicate with English, it will ease foreigners to visit this country.

But Madanian also have their own native language if they are not living in Arabic or English speaking country. So now we come to a question, what language should be used to communicate in Madani society?

I believe that the best way to do it is by having English as a language for education, legal, and country affairs (administrative affairs). But at the same time, having Arabic as a language for Islamic affairs and Islamic binding among Muslims in Madani society. Muslim to Muslim will converse in Arabic. Friday sermon and Islamic lecture also will be conveyed using Arabic. Muslim to non-Muslim will either use English or the native language.

Because of these reasons, we as Madanian should take Arabic and English learning seriously.

Written by: Iqbal Ibnu Ridhwan


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