Hi, I’m Alnoe. Actually it’s not my given-birth name. Because it’s hard for some people to pronounce it, so just call me Noe [no’e] for short. This is my weblog featuring my pure ideas and my daily thoughts. I’m Indonesian and since my english isn’t good enough, some writings will be done in Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t worry, just try to translate using http://translate.google.com if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Why is the title “plan simple – Do Expert !” and the URL “doexpert.wordpress.com”? Because I don’t want people expert on planning only. Because it’s kind of tired listening people telling beatiful concepts or plans. So many people dare to talk only. I was like them too, but I quitted from the damn organization NATO (No Actions, Talks Only) since I was junior high, step by step, from one side to other side.

I prefer to take actions to get something done than completely to think the perfect concepts – but a bit rashly. Actually, the perfect concepts are those which get renewed while the former get stucked when we try to apply them. It’s more important to emphasize focus and energy on the “DO” word. I hope you will expert not only on planning or maybe talking, but on doing too and become a “doexperter”. So, doexperter, have a good read!


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